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Veterans, post here. (You're not a veteran if you don't know who I am.)

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    Veterans, post here. (You're not a veteran if you don't know who I am.)

    It's been such a long time since this community existed. For some reason I was thinking about this game the other day and the solid community we had on here. We had a very small but active and friendly community. Everyone knew each other very well, and some on a very personal basis.
    Just thought I'd make some sort of a post about this, if any of you guys are still alive or managed to come across this forum feel free to post here and update us with how life is going.

    As for me, I'm still in University, healthy, and just living life.
    I'm not very sure if you guys will be able to even open this thread, as I can't even open most of the threads on here (including the old memories thread made by steelroads)

    Anywho, hope everyone is alive and well. Take care!
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    killer man

    I am amazed this site is still up and alive. I used to play for many years ago

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    mr waffle

    i miss this server alot. nice to see you guys again
    idk if u guys remember me lol its been 5 to 6 years

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    Happy new year lmao.

    Be back in another year ;P

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    I wish this still existed lmao


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    A post from this year holy shit!!!!
    Miss the fun times I had on here can't believe it has been about 8 years now sheesh.
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    Man, I miss the old days!