CiberScape Store

Welcome to the CiberScape Store.
Here you can purchase items for use ingame. All items are delivered within 24 hours of purchase.

Dragon Claws - $4.99

Helm of Neitiznot - $4.99

Bow-Sword - $4.99

600m Tickets - $5.00

99 Skill - $5.00

Gilded Armor Set - $6.99

Ghostly Robes - $6.99

Santa Hat - $7.99

Elite Armor Set - $8.99

Void Armor Set - $9.99

Player House - $9.99

Get the luxuries of a player house, on your own island!
Player House Features:
Allow or deny people from entering your house.
Ability to kick players from your house.
Your own private bank and objects (RC, Mining, Magic Tree) on your island!
Ability to buy or sell your house ingame, even live with your mate!
And more to come!